Growing up with all of the sexy cartoon rabbit characters has definitely stayed in everyone’s mind. Here at Fuck Rabbit we’ve designed a game to bring those fantasies to life, and give our players a chance to get wild and dirty with some slutty animated anthropomorphic toons.

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We all know that Bugs Bunny got down in his spare time. He was a rabbit after all, and everyone knows what rabbits are famous for. Get that monster bunny cock out and get ready to fuck!

It won’t be just a game of paddy cake that you’re looking for, when you create the Jessica Rabbit of your wet dreams. Time to show that naughty slut how hardcore an animated bunny can get.


The naughtiest, dirtiest, sluttiest high-definition fuckable animated rabbits you’ve ever seen.

You’ll be able to fuck, and fuck with, all of these dirty sluts, to fulfill all of your animated bunny fantasies.


Rabbits are already famous for the ability to fuck, and now you’ll be able to take that to the next level with our animated fuck rabbits.


You’ll be able to lick, suck, and fill every hole on all of these slutty bunny animations. Bend that bunny over and start going down the rabbit holes.


With the incredible graphics and gameplay behind FUCKRABBIT, the animation will keep you hard the whole time you’re playing


Create the sexiest animated slut bunny you’ve ever wanted to ride your carrot, and then go to town on her tender bunny holes.

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I didn’t realize how much I’d always wanted to fuck an animated bunny until playing this game. This might’ve opened up a whole new realm of kink for me.


Not only were the animations hot, the gameplay was so smooth. Definitely have animated bunny ass on my mind.


Just when I thought I’d played them all, Fuck Rabbit comes along and blows my mind, and my load!


Man, this game has me CRUSHING bunny ass left and right. Call me BUGS, baby! CALL ME BUGS!


This is a game filled with animation, but it’s definitely not for kids. I’ve been playing it after they go to bed, because mommy needs some time with her cartoons.


I’ve watched some pretty sexy animations before, but this sex game really takes the cake. I’ll take a ride to Fuck Rabbit toon town any day of the week.


The fact that I was able to play as an animated rabbit, as well as fuck them, really rocked my world. I just never knew a game could be this much sexy fun.


OMG! The animated bunnies in this game are so fucking hot. I won’t be able to watch Looney Tunes anymore without having dirty thoughts.


We wanted to create a the best porn games that was unlike any other free online adult sex games that have ever existed. It wasn’t just about being different for the sake of it, but because we knew there was a niche out there that just wasn’t quite getting filled. Meeting and discussing the direction we wanted to take our xxx games pretty much came the moment the title of our site was shouted out. Everyone looked around, smiled, and started to get turned on by the idea of hot animated rabbits really going to town on each other.

On top of coming up with an awesome new sexy idea, we also wanted to make sure it was possible. Controlled animation on a level that would keep the players involved in the smoking hot sex scene going was an absolute must, so we made sure that our designers had access to the best graphics rendering technology available.

Will our sex games make you feel like your animated fantasies have all come true? That’s what we’ve been working hard to make sure of. To us, it’s about bringing our players the most intense animated action, and really pushing the limits of cartoon fantasies. Fuck Rabbit has built scenarios and characters based on our research of the public’s toon-based fantasies. With our xxx games the players can create the sexy animated bunny they either want to control, or that they want to fuck, and start bringing their fantasies to life.

With the massive amount of hot animated movies out there, the desire to see erotic toon action has been on the table for a long time. Anthropomorphic characters have been part of the erotic scene for decades, and people have grown up with desires based on toon porn, and just cartoons in general. Everyone has their cartoon fantasies, or crushes, they’ve kept from their youth, well into their adult years, and that’s what we want to make available for everybody that comes to Fuck Rabbit. All of the bunnies will have a lifelike quality to the animation that will make the gameplay even more intense.

With the best software out there implemented in the game, fantastic audio to keep all the pulse pounding moments of fucking feeling real, and the ability to build out scenarios and characters, Fuck Rabbit is going to satisfy a whole host of kinky needs. You’ll be able to make so many different choices, that our online porn games will be different every time you play it. This is going to be the animation you’ve always wanted to see play out in front of you, but instead of just watching it, you’ll be in the big chair being a part of it. All of those fun sexy thoughts you’ve had while watching your favorite cartoon animal crush can finally become a reality.

When it comes down to it, Fuck Rabbit is about giving you the sexiest toon time available. You’ll be able to decide whether you want to portray a fuckable bunny with a massive cock, a human, or a number of other types of creatures. It’s going to be about creating the fantasy that suits your needs, and those needs will not be confined by reality. The sexiest fucking is yet to come, every time you log in to FUCKRABBIT, and start creating the most fuckable animated bunnies ever.


That’s absolutely correct. We’ve been working with top of the line graphics, that our developers have saturated Fuck Rabbit with. The steamy loads of cum your character will shoot all over that sexy animated squirting bunny slut will glisten just like the real thing. You won’t be able to tell the difference between the cum all over your hand from jerking-off while playing, and the cum all over the characters in the game. Not to mention the attention to detail given to every delicious body part from their sexy legs to their wet pussy, tight little asshole, and massive tits.

With the current movement rendering tech available, the characters in the game will have such lifelike movements that you won’t be able to tell the difference between them, and real people having sex. The component that will separate reality and our game is going to be that you’ll have no limitations as to how devious you can be in Fuck Rabbit. Our animated rabbits will just be begging for as much as your willing to give them, and we know that coming from our players, that’s going to be a massive amount of hardcore fucking. As you play, just remember to aim away from your computer, so you don’t have to clean it later.

Since we’re cornering the market on fuckable animated bunnies, we’re putting out best rabbit foot forth to bring you the most comprehensive interactive animated sex out there. It will sound like your cock is sliding in and out of their tight little holes, and it will look like it to. It’s going to just get more intense every time you play our game, because you’ll have a “firmer” grasp on how unhindered you can be in all of the sexual interactions between your cock, and those naughty animated bunnies.

You’ll be doing yourself a disservice if you don’t get in there and start getting some tail, so put your eyes back in your head, roll your tongue up into your mouth, and find the sexy animated bunny of your dreams!


Yes. You heard it from us. Our game is absolutely free to play, and you won’t be charged at any time unless you want to be. That means you’ll have access to top notch wild bunny sluts that just won’t stop, as their rabbit nature just can’t get enough. You’ll have access to so many different choices, and there won’t be any hidden fees.

If you’re still hesitating, then let me tell you just one more thing that should change your mind. IT’S FREE FOR YOU TO PLAY! See you in the game.


With so many people online around the world, why wouldn’t we want for you to connect with them over your fun animated sexy bunny fetish. We have dedicated multiplayer servers set up for you to play with other players, chatrooms for you to discuss the game play with everyone, and a game designed for multiple people to build a sexy experience together. In a world filled with ways to connect, we want you to connect in all of your sexy animated bunny glory, and start finding your community of cartoon rabbit fuckers. It’s going to be a wild ride down the rabbit glory hole with so many eager horny players waiting to pound some animated bunny ass.


Because there are already so many sexual themes around bunnies, that we know the public has been waiting to explore it further. We have Playboy bunnies, Jessica Rabbit (though not a rabbit, was married to one), Bugs Bunny, and so many others. Not to mention the fact that rabbits are already considered extremely sexual creatures and are used as symbols to represent sex in so many cultures. Accepting the challenge of making the most fuckable animated rabbits out there, was one we gladly accepted, and now you get to reap the rewards. Whether you’re a naughty rabbit, or a good bunny, we’ve got something for you in the Fuck Rabbits online porn games.