FuckRabbit is one of the largest free to play gaming titles around with one of the best gaming communities to boot! Every day, thousands of people come to Fuck Rabbit to explore our various scenarios, customize their characters and try to complete all of our quests.

Fuck Rabbit is free to play and always will be. Our team has committed to ensuring that our title is completely themed around a freemium model, but with all purchases being completely optional. So, in short, you won't need to buy anything, but you can support us if you want.

We are obligated by various game licensing bodies around the world to only provide our game to people who are over the age of 18. To combat underage individuals trying to access Fuck Rabbit, we use a unique credit card authentication system to verify the age of all players.

You can play Fuck Rabbit in both a multiplayer and single player format! Most of our attention has been paid to the single player experience, but we're planning to release a bunch of new features and tools to enhance multiplayer gameplay in the not too distant future – stay tuned!

We have extensive support for all different types of modifications, as well as a toolkit and guide so that even newbie developers can play around with our engine and try out different things. PMM loves the modding community and we even have a forum board for them.

If you want to just use our browser version, you will be required to have an active Internet connection to load up all of the files, but then you can go offline. However, we also have a standalone client for Windows and Mac for a true offline experience on your own computer.

As mentioned above, Fuck Rabbit currently allows anyone to connect to the game if they have Firefox, Safari or Chrome on any device.

Yes. Connection to Fuck Rabbit is offered via HTTPS. We also only keep your email address, username and password hash on record – that's it.

No. As long as you have a Firefox, Safari or Chrome browser, you'll be able to play Fuck Rabbit without downloading anything to your device.

We work with many partners to offer you the best gaming experience possible. This sometimes requires third-party game asset loading.